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2022-08-31 17:32:56
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Will Miri, the Schlagerqueen from Mainz, become the new Miss Germany?

The Miss Germany season 2022/2023 isn't looking for a typical magnificence queen, it is far more about visions, missions and feminine empowerment.

The title "Miss Germany" is an award for future makers, dreamers and visionaries.

"I'm Miri Leonardo and at the age of 32 I can say: I am free and I've found myself - a self-confident, emancipated lady with strengths and weaknesses," says Miri.

Early on she had to combat - who am I? Who do I want to be? Exactly this problem was typically her undoing and she or he needed to cope with the subject of "bullying" at an early stage. It was right here that she discovered her love for music.

“Music has at all times been essential to me. Woman teams like the No Angels or Monrose have at all times been my position fashions. My purpose has always been to be on stage like them and to inspire people. I financed the whole lot myself early on. Be it my very own songs or the related music videos. Independence was and is extraordinarily vital to me and normally. I've additionally had unhealthy experiences in the music industry. My initiative “Newcomers – collectively we are sturdy” is meant to guard female musicians from these detrimental experiences and support them in the right locations. A community from all genres of the music trade for newcomers. Music connects everyone, irrespective of where you come from, what you seem like or what language you speak,” she continued.

The demise of her grandmother in 2019 showed her how necessary it is to share time, enjoy life and make desires come true.

“I utilized to Miss Germany to offer girls extra visibility in the music industry. The business is dominated by males. Women are often underestimated or solely seen as a logo of male lust. My music community helps not to dream our life, but to live our dream - collectively, musically, robust" she desires to give her followers on the way in which.

Homepage: www.miri-leonardo.de

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